David Helán

Biographie von David Helán
Geboren 1979
Wohnt in Brünn und Prag


2011 Encyklopedeia, Slowly-Bar, Brno, Czech Republic
2011 Public Transcendence (Phantorama), Glasscheibe, Petra Vankova Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2010 Phantomimiq, New Scene of National Theatre, Prague
2010 Dictionary of Foreign Words, 100m3 Gallery, Všetaty u Mělníka, Czech Republic
2009 Superdžungle – Level 1, Galerie mladých, BKC, Brno, Czech republic
2008 Dravověda, Vyšehrad Gallery, guest Jitka Nesnídalová, Prague
2008 Mainly in front of the School, academical club Piano, Prague
2008 Hot Water Breakdown, portable Gallery Cell in front of the Fine Art Academy Prague
2008 I dont want to know more about your pivotal projects and no others, Jelení Gallery, Prague


2011 Performance Lab, with Pavla Scerankova, Dox, Prague
2010 Start Point Selection, National Technical Library Gallery, Prague
2010 Art Fair, Meet Factory, Prague
2010 PHA X OVA, Aula Gallery, FaVU Brno
2010 Open Days at the Jeleni Gallery, 56 min and 16 sec from the Depository of Jelení Gallery, Jelení Gallery, Prague
2010 Start Point 2010, prize for emerging artists, Gask, Kutná hora, Czech Republic
2010 Koncentrát III. – Modest Art, Crux Gallery, Brandýs nad Labem, Czech Republic
2010 Sculptures in Gardens, Květná zahrada, Kroměříž, Czech Republic
2010 Fine Arts Academy Praha Graduates 2010, Nattional Gallery, Prague
2010 Transgression, Videotage, presentation of Czech Republic video and media art, Hongkong
2009 Exchange Students Exhibition, Cooper Union, New York, USA
2009 Already it is not as it was, Fine Arts Academy Gallery, Prague
2009 19 Years After, Czech Embassy, Berlin, Germany
2008 Cargo 2008, Czech art presentation Sofie, Bulgaria
2008 Videocamp Praha, Letná
2008 Videorart Is Dead, video presentation Vítkov memorial, Můstek, portable Gallery Cell, Prague
2008 Koncentrát, Crux Gallery Brandýs nad Labem
2008 Second Year Show, Middlesex University London, Great Britain
2008 My Cup of Tea, Fine Arts Academy Gallery, Praha
2007 Net, Conceptual Studio exhibition, Fine Arts Academy Gallery, Prague
2006 -16 and +60, Fine Arts Academy Gallery, Prague
2006 Maybe Kate Will Come, Fine Arts Academy exhibition, P+P Gallery, Prague
2006 Fine Cut, conceptual studio exhibition, Fine Arts Academy Gallery, Prague
2003 Winter Models, Soap Club, Brno, Czech Republic
2000 Painting, Gymnázium Tišnov, Czech Republic

David Helán (1979) is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and completed scholarships stays in the Cooper Union New York and Middlesex University, London. His work deals with interventions to the public space in very unique personal style whilst transforming its conceptual aspects into fine art video and photography.