Glasscheibe #2 Mike Ruiz


# 01.04.2011 – 03.04.2011 #
Screening hours: Friday to Sunday, 8pm-2am

Galerie Petra Vankova introduces the second projection of the Glasscheibe, Blank is the new Blank by Mike Ruiz, this weekend from April 1st – 3rd between 8pm – 2am.

Mike Ruiz (1984) is an artist/curator based in Berlin. He is the co-founder and Artistic Director of The Future Gallery in Berlin. Currently studying at the University of the Arts Berlin under artist Gregor Schneider. His work frequently investigates processes of automation.
Blank is the New Blank, 2010
Html, Java
Dimensions variable

The work consists of 100 “__ is the new __” found phrases taken from google searches, with the keywords separated before and after “is the new”. The separated keywords appear randomly in the “is the new” phrasal template, creating new mixed phrases or snowclones.

The work combines meanings -(non)sense- and operates with the assumption that all is fungible. The components behave as random cognitive versions of construction. A new structure is a new stereotype of our formulations. Blank is the new Blank standardizes conceptions of new language.

Curated by Frantisek Zachoval